New build, same as the other builds, crashing every few hours

Just deployed a new server on Vultr, and this one is having problems I have never seen before. Runs for a few hours, then asterisk stops running, and the whole server “locks”. Httpd is still running, but can only get to the server by hitting the IP, stops responding to the FQDN. Not seeing anything crash related in the logs, it just kind of dies. Fwconsole reload causes the system to hang, as does service asterisk restart. Have to cycle the whole instance. Any idea where to even start looking?
Asterisk 15.7.2

There are a few reports here of issues like this with15.7.2. Try changing to 13 or 16.

Rolling it back now and will let it run for stability. Fingers crossed. It was bizarre to see the log just stop and everything spin down. Thank you!

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