New Blog Post - October means its time for AstriCon

New Blog post from Jared Smith …

It’s October. For me here in North America, that means that the weather is changing… The days are a bit shorter, the nights are a bit cooler, and the leaves are changing into beautiful reds and oranges and yellows. For a telephony geek like me, it also means AstriCon is just around the corner.

Maybe next year’s Astricon can be in a location where it feels and looks like the weather is changing in October.

I attended an Astricon in Denver, I believe 2010 or 2011. The first two days of the conference it was summer-like warm, and then overnight the temperatures dropped and we woke up to snow. That was a quick change!

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Must of been very nice. Now they already saying next year’s will be in Orlando again.

“Come on, man!” Let’s have it more centralized. Houston? Dallas? Chicago? Hellooo Cleveland!

Omaha - dead cente of the country, home of Paypal, Kiewit, Berkshire Hathaway, best “non-Disney” zoo in the country.

Maybe there is nice cool weather there now.

Actually according to the weather now, it’s below freezing there. Brrr

Not even a great place to drive through, let alone have a conference. Well unless you like boring. :wink:


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