New Beta Aastra XML Scripts

We have included the latest hot off the press Aastra XML Scripts. Simple to a yum install aastra-xml-scripts to get the latest XML Scripts. You will also want to do a yum install aastra-ipphone to get the latest firmware.

Changes done in the XML Scripts from 2.3.0 are as followed;

XML scripts 2.3.1 release notes;
Bug fixes
Fixed ACD queues application for 480i
Fixed ACD agent application for 480i was limited to 15 queues
Fixed Meetme application triggered when paging
Fixed “Cannot display” on outgoing calls when presence is not enabled
Fixed font directory for Picture CallerID on the 6739i

Stock quote application has better 6739i implementation
Added a “Reverse” button to Currency converter application
Optimized apps for the 6739i including icons
CSV directory can now display the whole content of the directory
Parking broadcast can now be disabled
No more “You are already using this extension” in the startup sequence

Support for phone firmware up to 3.2.1
Support for Asterisk 1.8 assuming same Manager API as 1.6
Support for Asterisk 2.8 with feature equivalence to 2.7

This is super news. Many folks that have utilized the “sample” Aastra scripts in production environments have no idea the contributions that Schmooze has made to hardening, documenting and improving the scripts.

The Aastra 67 series along with the scripts is the most integrated, user friendly and simple to implement open source endpoint solution.

The new distribution includes the Aastra scripts, making deploying FreePBX/Asterisk solutions far easier and more predictable.

Thanks for all the hard work!

See you in Cleveland.