New Backup Module - how to specify files/folders?

Good afternoon, all.

In FPBX 13/14, I had a few backup items that were “file” and “directory”. This ensured I captured some files that really needed to be part of a backup (such as custom conf files, and even some png files used in customizing the web interface.

In FPBX 15, I’m not seeing the ability to call out those files and directories.

Can someone tell me how this is achieved in FPBX 15?


It’s moved to the new FIlestore module, which I think is under Settings. I don’t have a v15 install immediately accessible to check.

Confirmed: It’s the Filestore module under the Settings tab.

Unfortunately that has nothing to do with telling the Backup what local directories and files to back up. Filestore replaces the old Servers option from v14 and below. Filestore is where you tell the system to store the backups and Local Path lets you set a custom local path to store the backups.

Ah, sorry, I misread. Yes, the options for what to backup seem to be removed from the module in v15. Hopefully that means it’s doing a full backup.

Unfortunately, it isn’t (nor could it). I have a graphic file in the www folder that I was backing up, as well as a few custom conf files in the ConfigEdit that are also being overlooked (they were part of a v14 backup, but did not make it in the v14>v15 conversion, so I had to re-make them, with no way to back them up).

OK FPBX gods, you need to bring that part back to Backup/Restore - it’s a crucial element that appears to have been seriously overlooked…

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