New Backup Freepbx15

(Art) #1

I used to work with Freepbx 14x and the Backup Module was so easy to use, it even had an Assistant to make it super fast to set-up.
Now with the new version(15), there’s no assistant and I can’t create a Backup because it says I don’t have a location (??) and on it’s wiki it says nothing on how to create or make one

I’m kinda confused about it, what do I do?

(P Ramarajan) #2

@sxarthur You can add the location with the Filestore module and then follow the below wiki to create the backup.

(Art) #3

Yeah, but the wiki on the Filestore module doens’t help or say anything about the location, i’m confused

(P Ramarajan) #4

@sxarthur Thanks for notifying that and will correct filestore module wiki soon.
BTW are you able to create the location ?