New Alpha Distro 4.211.64-1 upgrade script

Tony… you state in the annoucement… “Lastly depending on demand I see in this thread I would be willing to provide a one off upgrade script to let users go from 3.211.63 branch to the new 4.211.64 branch so they can continue to be on a Alpha/Beta branch without reinstalling.” …however the thread is locked and we cannot reply to it. I would appreciate the script and I’m sure others would too.

It would be great to have a script without starting from scratch

Here you go.

Very cool! Thanks!

Awesome, thanks a lot Tony!

P.S. I think the script is missing a closing “fi” on line 44 to close off the if statement.

Urg, got the line numbers mixed up, make that line 33 :slight_smile:

All fixed. Did not have a chance to test this before I pushed it out yesterday.