Network UPS via NUT?

We have a Synology NAS connected to a UPS via USB. The Synology is set to act as a UPS server using NUT (Network UPS Tools) I’ve configured PBXact to point to the IP address of this Synology over the NUT port 3493 but it still shows COMMLOST and doesn’t see the network UPS. Is there any way to get this to work? The documentation is pretty light and some of the settings are ambiguous. For example, I know PBXact is using apcupsd but it appears to be using NETWORK UPS Driver which I would assume is NUT behind the scenes?

That’s not really a safe assumption there.

APCUPSD has been around a lot longer than NUT. In fact, the problems with APCUPSD are why NUT even got started. I recommend submitting a ticket to get NUT supported in the UPS support section.

Sounds good. Yeah, I didn’t think it was safe to assume that, it was just a guess since the docs are so light. I’ll submit that as a feature request. Thanks!