Network Settings

When you change any of the network settings on the ‘System Admin -> Network Settings’ screen, where do they get written too?

I accidentally change the ‘Gateway’ ip address and need to manually reset it back as I am now unable to connect via the web interface.


Depending on what type of system you installed it on, you may need to do a complete reinstall of the system. Unless it is a laptop of some sort or something with a screen and a console you will need to do a clean reinstall, sadly this stuff happens and it is just a horrible set back.

This is not true at all. You clearly are using a raspi. This question is about the distro. Please don’t just tell people to wipe their machines because you don’t understand how to help them.

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You should be able to connect to the system through the console, assuming you are not running headless.

The network configuration is all in the standard “Linux” places (/etc/network…, I don’t have the path handy right this second) so you should be able to reset the network settings from there.

Even without the gateway address, you local network should still be allowed to connect to the server. The connections may take some time (since you won’t have DNS), but you should be able to drop in that way. The Web Interface may be down, but your SSH interface could be up.

When you get done resetting the network settings, you should be able to use service network restart to re-read the network files and get the system back on the net. Don’t use fwconsole to restart anything, since fwconsole re-writes files at start-up and coule (in theory) overwrite your network change. Double check the settings in the SysAdmin section and make sure they are correct.

And therein lies the problem. It is a headless setup so I unmount the drive and mount it to another box to get cli access. So I’m in need of fixing this the old school way. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll poke around ‘/etc/network’ and see if I can find anything.

FYI, this is an official distro setup.