Network settings broken in new distro!

Hi Tony,

In the latest disto versions based on CentOS 6.2 there is an important bug regarding the Network Settings.

If you go to System Admin -> Network Settings, first thing you’ll notice is that your Network interface is listed between “” in the dropdown, e.g. “eth0” whereas in the past this was just eth0.

The field Interface Name is grayed out.

When you try to save the settings, this error dialog pops up:

Please enter a valid Interface Name!

so in fact you can no longer change any network settings after setup!
It goes without saying that this is a showstopping bug :slight_smile:

So please have a look at it, thanks!

Another thing I noticed is that when I did a yum update after clean install of the system, there were still 37 packages to be updated! Shouldn’t the setup bring your system up-to-date automatically? (with earlier versions of the distro this was in fact the case)

I’ll continue evaluation of the beta, and let you know if I find any other issues.