Network port amalgamation


I notice there appears to be separate ports for each service in the PBX
System Admin > Port Management
80 : Admin
81 : UCP
82 : REST API for Apps
84 : Provisioning

Assuming provisioning is using HTTP, is there any reason why the system wont let me amalgamate Admin, UCP and Provisioning to a single port? I also assume (not checked) that the REST APIs are also HTTP based, so these could also use the same port.

What’s the reason behind this?

In a grand scheme its likely external phones will be VPN so this isnt a “huge” issue as only Admin would be required, but the UCP means another port has to be opened for what appears to be no real technical reason other than i cant select the same port to use.

Many Thanks

No one is forcing you to run UCP on a separate port. You can access UCP on the same port you access the admin GUI, go to pbx.address/ucp

The idea of allowing you to run UCP on a separate port, is to be able to expose only the UCP portal and not the entire GUI.

Regarding provisioning, they run on separate ports because of the directory paths each port has specified in it’s apache config. I assume it’s also for security reasons, allowing admins to expose only the ports they need to.

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Interesting, i see that with regarding UCP… Thanks

If you look at /var/www/html/index.php , then if it exists, index_custom.php will be followed instead, this without breaking signatures or anything else, so you can really do anything you want with http(s)://, the ‘s’ bit here is (and I would say should) be done by whatever answers port 80, usually a webserver, but I prefer a proxy. That way you can easily get to your other internal tcp or http services , yep, even phones inbuilt http servers. All through 1 or 2 ports.

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