Network error installing Freepbx Distro 6.12.65

Hey everyone,

I am having issues installing FrePBX distro 6.12.65 on an HP 450-a120. Once I boot the live cd it prompts me to setup the network. I have tried DHCP for both protocals, just ipv4 dhcp, static ipv4 and I always get the error “there was an error configuring your network”. The computer is brand new out of the box and I have never received this error in 20+ installs on similar computers (HP, Dell, Lenovo, custom built machines).

I am plugged in directly to my router, changed the Cat6 cable out, restarted my modem and router, and changed to a known working port on the router. The router port and the NIC card lights up.

I am in the process of downloading 10.13.66 to see if that will work as well. Does this sound like a driver issue or something else?

Thanks for any tips or suggestions.

Same issue with 10.13.66.