Network contact list

Is there a way to add a network wide contact list or phonebook and push it to Sangoma phones? Digium has a feature like this that our office uses.

Yes you use the contact manager module in FreePBX and the Contacts Phone App

I can’t seem to get this to work. I found the contacts module, added contacts, and added contact categories to a user in the user management section. I can see these contacts in the UCP but not on the phone. In fact, I don’t have a contacts option on the phone. I logged on to the phone GUI and looked for the “Contacts” options under line keys but couldn’t find the option. Based on the wiki, it seems that option should be there.

I’m on Asterisk 11.19.0 and FreePBX 13.0.105 using a Sangoma S500 phone

Did you program a button with the Contacts Rest App (or the Apps Rest App)?

I don’t have that option on my phone settings. Here’s all I have.

I noticed on my PBX system overview that there is a problem with the phone apps daemon. Maybe that’s the issue?

But that probably wouldn’t explain not having the contacts option in the phone.

Through the endpoint manager NOT the phone gui

Thanks! I didn’t know that functionality was there.

After changing that setting in EPM and rebooting the phone I get an error on the phone "Contact Groups is not authorized in the Phone Apps module for extension xxx. I went the the Phone Apps Module and under “contacts” I just get the message “This module does not currently have any settings.”

I got the permissions set correctly on the Phone Apps Daemon, but now I get the error “Daemon not running (restarted)” for the phone apps daemon. I’m assuming this is my issue, or at least part of it. My module “Asterisk Rest Interface Users” is disabled pending an upgrade to Asterisk 13. Is this somehow connected to the Phone Apps?

Ok, I solved the phone apps daemon issue, running the command “fwconsole restart restapps” solved that. I also found where to provide access to contacts for a user. For anyone else with this issue, it’s under user management>USER>Phone Apps>Other Apps.

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Thanks for this info ! i’ve spent 4 days trying to work out why my REST Apps wouldn’t work…

I have the phone set up to make the contacts available when the phone is idle, but I’d really like to have quick access when I am transferring a call. I can’t find out how to make that an option. Can it be done?

Not at this time I am sorry

Thanks Tony.

It sounds as though this is in the works, can we expect it at some point in the future?

No but please open a feature request at under the phone project.