Network Configuration

Before I begin this is how I’ve set up my FreePBX.

VMWare Centos 64Bit - Virtual Client w/ FreePBX - Runs Fine, Install Successful, able to access GUI through browser.

Router - Ubee DD43611 Router connected to the my Grandstream 1405 IP Phone

Now this is my issue:
Everything works perfectly fine when I change SIP settings on my phone to point to local IP (which is where my FreePBX is installed).

I can access my FreePBX GUI by typing in - GREAT!
I can access my FreePBX GUI by typing in my Public IP as well, I have set this as a DMZ Host on my Router GUI in order to access the FreePBX GUI using my Public IP.

Whenever I change the SIP to my Public IP it does not work!

Could someone help ?

This has been covered inumerable times what ports need to be forwarded and the correct settings in SIP settings module.

Also, have you looked at forum posts on the subject? Opening up the web server to Internet is inviting hackers, never expose admin to web. Also if you are going to expose SIP/RDP you need to make sure your system is bullet proof. I have seen systems hacked for 1000’s of dollars in the first hours of operation.

Thanks for the reply, where can I find one of these posts that cover this?

There is a search box on every page, the wiki is fully searchable. Google has crawled the entire site.

We have spent endless time documenting this stuff and it baffles me when people can’t find it.

If you still get stuck I will go look it up for you.

Don’t forget SIP is only signalling you have to allow for RTP that contains the bearer (voice) information.

Open port 5060/UDP and 10000-20000/UDP and forward them to the internal address of the FreePBX system. But be very careful. This will open up your system to the Internet and within a very short time you will start to get scanned for potential vulnerabilities. Especially if you have the management interface (port 80) open to the outside as well this is a recipe for possible hacking. Make sure all passwords (and SIP extension secrets) are difficult to guess and lock everything down as much as possible.

Thank you both!