Network Cable Unplugged

We installed a freepbx system with around 150 sangome p310/p330 phones within the last 2 months and have had a few phones that will display “Network Cable Unplugged” with a red banner at the top of the phones. I had 2 experiencing it this morning, however I can still ping them from my computer and make calls between them. Any help would be appreciated on where to start troubleshooting what could be causing this.

Hello, I’m sorry to hear you are having issues. Please open a ticket at

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We are aware of P phone issue where ‘Network Cable Unplugged’ can be displayed under certain conditions. A fix for this is in phone firmware 4.10.x, which will be available shortly. Best to hold off on opening a support ticket until after testing with 4.10. Thanks.

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Thanks for the quick response!

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