Netinstaller Password and TFTP

Just installed freepbx form the iso net install cd. Installation went fine and system is running. (centos and freepbx latest stable versions)

I need to login by ssh to copy some files to the tftp server but i have no password for the ssh login. The admin username and password is fine for logging into the web admin page but this username/password does not work for the ssh login ? I did not setup any other passwords so i’m kinda stuck ?
Is there a default password for the livecd ? Or did i miss something ?

Could someone also tell me if there is a tftp server included in freepbx ?

I am trying to run some cisco 7940 phones and i have all the files i need but cant figure out if there is a tftp server included ? If its not included how do I install it ? I know i could check by looking for a tftpboot folder but as i cant login by ssh i cant check it ?

I have been reading about an endpoint manager but cant find any proper info for freepbx ? Is it only part of trixbox ?

Thanks in advance

The FreePBX is not a live CD. If you used the FreePBX distro .iso it asks you for root credentials during the installation process.

You can always reboot and add the word “single” to the kernel options. This will start system in single user mode and allow you to change the root password.

Yes the install does ask for a password.
Simple answer is that the username is “root” and not admin !!!
Also tftp server does not seem to be installed as default ?
Hope this helps someone else ?