Needing reporting

Hey everyone!
I have a new client that is needing some reporting done for his call center. With his old phone system they have a report that is emailed out 4 times a day that showed how long each agent has been on the phone for in/out/total/average. Anyone know of a way to do this? Please let me know. Thank you!

Have a look at either
Asternic Call Center Stats
Asternic CDR reports

Asternic’s completely broken demos aren’t reassuring. :frowning:

I can tell you that the Call Center stats module works great.

None of those email them out on a schedule basis though. :confused:

PHP + cron? It’s Linux, with a tiny bit of programming any kind of custom setup is stupid-easy.

You could try SAM Reports. It’s a windows desktop application and it generates reports from Asterisk/FreePBX log files. You get business intelligence (BI) reports as well as detailed drill downs. All reports can be exported to PDF, XLS, XML… Trial version can be downloaded from:


Call Center Stats PRO 2 has just been released with major improvements including schedule reports via email and notifications.
Other great features:
Report Designer: Create your own reports, your own metrics.
Schedules Reports: Send to one or several emails reports at regular intervals.
Graphics: HTML5 and javascript Graphical Stats, no more flash.
REST Web Service: have development skills? use it to create your own app and reports with REST.
Recordings: Browse the queue recordings, listen and download even in Mp3
you can ask for 30 days Demo code and test it out.

How about queuemetrics? This provides a whole host of reports and I believe they can be e-mailed out as well.