Need your support

Hi, everyone.

I am going to develop an Asterisk-based Call Center. My call center want to receive calls that come from all normal phones such as: mobile phone, wired phone.
Actually I’m new in Asterisk field, so I’m wondering that: How can I do that? I found out several solutions on the internet:

  1. Buy a VoIP account and configure it for the Asterisk system
  2. Buy a digium card and using it to connect the Asterisk system to landline

Could someone give me an exact solution for my requirements?

Thanks in advance!

1 - You listed no requirements other that a call center
2 - “An exact solution for your requirements” we are not in the RFP answering business.

Do you know what FreePBX is? Have you spent some time on our site and read the capabilities of our software?

Our forums are to help folks installing FreePBX on their systems or installing the distro, administering, configuring and using FreePBX. Certainly it has call center features. You never mentioned queues, skills based routing, reporting etc. The core roles of an ACD.

Actually, my objective is only building a very simple IVR using FreePBX. People call to my IVR to hear some information. The remaining issue is how my IVR can receive calls that come from mobile and wired phone.

Well that’s not a call center, certainly well within the capability of FreePBX.

You can get GSM gateways if that will save you money on interconnect.

If not PSTN or SIP trunks will allow mobiles to dial the IVR.

…I have contacted local telephone company to provide t1/e1 line with DNID,Got 3 tollFree Number
…I have installed freepbx with digium card.
…On freebpx i have conf digium trunk
…Used iax,sip trunk to route the calls according to DailPlan
…install xlite on client pc register the sip
…Last create IVR, optional {Create Dial plan as per incoming caller ID}
search youtube and google for intro videos

I got it. I will try with a SIP trunk first. Also, I will update the status later and ask you some more questions. :slight_smile:
Anyway, thank you so much!

I tried with Skype Connect and got it working. But I’ve got another issue:
When a wired phone customer called to my PBX then he press some key for selecting menu but unfortunately nothing happend.
I tried with a soft phone, it worked well.
Is there any difference between them?
Anyone who know which mistake I’ve got please let me know! Thanks!!!

Changed dtmfmode and dtmf into inband (in sip trunk configuration). It worked!

How did you get it to work!!! I can not get incoming calls to work, can I see your inbound route settings as well as incoming trunk settings, and extensions settings!!! SHARE THE WEALTH BABY!!!