Need Voicemail lockdown

Using FreePBX 2.10 and trying to find a way to lock down voicemail so that the caller can’t bypass the greeting by pressing # or * or exit to any sort of message. The caller’s only option should be to leave a message after the beep. How can this be done?

Presently, we have one DID with a dedicated inbound route. We don’t answer this DID–only return calls at a later time. Inbound route destination=voicemail default extension 220. It works fine but allows callers too much freedom to bypass the greeting and attempt to enter feature codes.

  1. Create an Announcement using the Announcement Module. Announcement will play a custom recording that is the greeting.
  2. For announcement destination, choose voicemail, then choose extension, and then choose (no-msg).
  3. Direct your incoming calls to the announcement instead of directly to the voicemail.

AdHominem, thanks for the suggestion to use an Announcement. It allows me to prevent the callers from skipping the message and attempting to transfer to another extension. However, it’s not a total solution because after the announcement plays, the beep is played to allow the callers to leave a message. A caller can still press # at this point in the message to which the system replies “I’m sorry an error has occurred”. I would prefer their only allowable actions be (1) to leave a message, and (2) hang up. Is there any way to have asterisk ignore a # entered by the caller?