Need to update Polycom phones for DST

I had originally tried by changing the offset on the phone directly- but that didn’t do anything.
I used the Endpoint Manager Advanced Settings in FreePBX to set the Time Zone to one hour behind (not easy to pick a city in a specific timezone-wish that could be manually entered). But that didn’t seem to do anything after running both Update Config and Restart on the phone.

So I’m still an hour off. The time is correct on the server-it’s the phones that are the issue.

Polycom 560

Update the polycom package.

Assuming you mean in Endpoint Configuration Manager>Endpoint Configuration I check for updates, but my Polycom packages show a date of
Polycom (Package Last Modified [3-27-12 at 2:53pm]) and the Check Online box is unchecked (and greyed out, so not accessible).
Installed the Cisco configs, and while those show the Check Online box checked, that isn’t able to be toggled.

Did you ever manually upload the polycom package?

I didn’t- but the Schmooze guys handled the upgrade to the server so maybe they did in the process of doing the upgrade. Is there a guide to uploading manually again if that is what I need to do? I do remember that we had a problem during the upgrade because the configuration files changed, and the old ones didn’t work, so I had to redo those again to create new templates that did work.