Need to Transfer Commerical Module to New Deployment

I need to transfer our SysAdmin commerical module we purchased in Dec. 2016 to a new deployment but the old deployment isn’t showing up in our portal account. The old system had a deployment ID but I unfortunately never wrote it down. Here’s why we have a new deployment - the HDDs are just fine, but the motherboard on our old deployment kicked the bucket. So, we moved the old HDDs to the new deployment and the system started up just fine. However, like I said it didn’t show the old deployment ID in the portal but showed the new one once I activated it. Is there any way support can help us out to transfer the existing license that disappeared into the ether of the interwebs?

If you open a customer service ticket at someone can help you determine what account that original deployment ID is, I suspect you probably created a new one.

Thanks, submitted ticket. For whatever reason, I could not find the ticket submission portal before you sent that link… newb. Also, a side note - it was actually purchased in April 2017, not December 2016. FWIW.

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