Need to pass company name and address to 911

The 911 operator told me that they aren’t getting our company name and address during our 911 calls. Whitesky confirmed that they’re passing all the E911 info to FreePBX but we’re not sending it out with our calls.

I’m new to FreePBX administration but he told me that the problem was the P-Asserted-Identity setting.

Would someone be willing to ELI5 where/how to change this? Or can you point me to another setting to fix the problem?


It is on your carrier to send this information. You may have to send them the right caller ID but they ultimately have to comply with/give you the ability to comply with Kari’s Law

Whitesky said they confirmed that they’re sending the correct info to FreePBX but that we’re not sending it out correctly.

Where do I go on our system to see whether he’s correct?

E911 info is not sent to FreePBX so I am not sure what they would “send” unless they had a custom module. As far as I am aware only 3 sip providers actually have custom modules and only one manages 911 locations through the module. None of the 3 are Whitesky

This is literally based on what you send them and what they send to their upstream carrier as the did. If they are setting this based off your Caller ID make sure you are sending them an 11 digit caller id

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Thanks for taking the time to help me with this. Like I said, I’m new to this so I’m sure I’m asking some really basic questions as I learn how it works.

So if FreePBX isn’t the problem, and if Whitesky says they have the information right (he read it back to me and it’s correct), where do I go next to fix this?

Do they have a test number such as 933… make sure it goes out the same route and do a call trace to see what you are sending

Just to add. once everything is working on test numbers, the E911 system is set up to handle 911 calls if you immediately state that you are checking the system to confirm that they are getting the correct location. They will not send ‘the big red car’ nor will you get a $n00 bill , just be prepared to quickly verify any questions they might have, NEVER hangup that call until informed you can and don’t abuse this privilege. Otherwise as @jfinstrom says, if you send a call with a registered CallerID, it is totally the providers responsibility to forward that info, if they bitch at that, get another provider.


Northern911 requires your carrier to arrange for test calls in advance, and gives out a “Passphrase of the day” to prove it was a test call.

Many municipalities you should call the local police office and ask for the duty sargeant of the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to get permission and whitelist your number before you call through.

don’t just “Call 911 and say you’re testing”. contact the appropriate PSAP and verify how they want you to arrange for testing.

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For the sake of this discussion, I’ve made test calls to our 911. They said that it’s fine as long as you tell them that you’re just testing. They were the ones who told me that I’m not passing the company name/address.

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Although I ‘believe’ , I don’t ‘trust’ as lives are at risk I always do a live test, that in my personal experience has never been a problem and the only way to verify, I have always got a courteous operator and result but never a penalty.

I suggest my pragma maybe ran over your dogma :wink:

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haha, that’s fair. back when I worked for the incumbent telco, we got fined regularly for performing testing without approval.

Back in the day, I would yearly get dozens of mis-dials to 911 which where hungup and a few legit ones, rather than sending out vehicles, we registered my 24/7 cell phone number as a ‘callback’ verification number on hangup, The E911 system holds the line open until resolved, probably wouldn’t work with voip though. it saved my company ,the LA fire department my provider many wasted $ and hours. Perhaps you could work with your PSAP(s) to do the same,

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Then that responsibility lies 100% with your provider, get a resolution from them are change your provider, one dead or damaged person is not something you want to be liable for, neither financially nor emotionally.

That’s the gist of my question. Whitesky confirmed that our info is correct. Is there someone else I need to contact and who is it? Are they sending the info to another provider? I’m new to this and don’t understand enough about the process to know where it’s breaking down.

I believe that Whitesky is completely “out-of-order” , they are 100% responsible for sending your calls to E911 using your previously registered E911 info and I assume you are paying for that (generally considered a contract) , there should be no need for you to otherwise reply to or otherwise verify anything if you use the same CallerID(number) you registered with them.

just because your Billing info is correct does not necessitate that they are providing that information to the PSAP.

@dicko ever seen a case where the voip provider simply didn’t have a datastream to the PSAP?

in a different past life, We had to rig up our location data as a daily push to Northern at one point, because we couldn’t ship it as part of the call itself.

I’ll contact them again. The tech said he checked our E911 info and read it back to me. 911 gets our phone number but not the company name/address.

Not in my parish, Big locale (SoCal) using big providers with lots of peering.

Only Whitesky can fix that. But seriously, consider another provider before someone gets hurt.