Need to lower verbose level below default

I found verbose level 0 too detailed. Is there a way to set to less verbose?

explain more, verbosity at 0 means no output, which logfile are you having trouble with, console (the CLI) or a logfile written to disk ?

I am referring to full log file. System prints a lot of verbose messages.

You can set the loglevel or even disable it in the GUI logfile settings, but I would have to ask “why do you want to do that ?” :wink: If you don’t like it, perhaps just don’t read it, if it is a disk space thing, maybe you are using an under sized server

I can’t disable it, and I am not able to lower the level. Disk and server is not an issue, I only want to see what’s important :slight_smile: As you said, 0 should generate no output, 1 - a very min, etc.

How is it that you can’t you disable it or ‘lower the level’ ?

What do you consider important, the general consensus is that 3 is the minimum useful level of importance.

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