Need to know how to link a phone # -> Extension


I’m using Elastix, latest version, and I’ve a hard time find answer to 1 question.

I need that all call (inbound) MADE TO a specific phone # be transferred to a specific extension.

Where I’m unable to understand is where do I “associate” the phone # to the extension.

I understand it’s in the PBX -> Inbound routes section but then I’m at a lost.

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use the inbound route - you specify the phone number in the route and then route it to the extension.

That I understand but in what field I need to enter the phone # exactly?

That would help me greatly.

but assuming it still looks similar to free pbx, go to the inbound route, give it a name and then in the DID Number field enter the phone number exactly as it comes in on the trunk. the number of digits is determined by your provider so check with them. then at the bottom of the inbound route definition you “route” the call to desired extension.


Yes the DID option is there and it was 1 of the 2 choices I wasn’t fully sure to understand it.

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Yes you have to enter your phone number on the “DID Number” field, that’s the field box right below the Description box.