Need to hit a url of our application when call answered


I have different clients setup on my applications on different server instances.

e.g ClientA register on ip
ClientB register on ip

I need to hit a url of that specific client when call is answered by our agent.

e.g agent picks up the call and need the information of ClientA to popup on his screen window automatically in which application will be launched on his system/PC

1st - Hit the url when call is answered by the agent and it should be open and pop up on the agent screen
2nd - how to open the url on specific agent pc?

Please need guide or any R&D material on this.

Many phones have action URLs that can be activated when certain events happen such as when a call is answered. This is a phone solution, not a pbx solution.

Speaking of… does Zulu Desktop?

Zulu desktop has the call popup feature which allows an admin to specify a URL to load when a call rings thru to Zulu or upon answer.

not using zulu.

But thanks for your suggestion.

You missed the actual point. It was in the first reply…

it’s not a static url.


There are multiple clients with multiple application cloud instances.
Each Client has a unique phone number. now when call comes from a client A we need to
pass the credentials of that client application login and then open that url on the Agent Desktop so that his time saves and he can start working on that clients application server with whatever his request is.

You make a static URL that takes the extension and CID number and the phone can do that.

That application can do WTFever you want from that point. Including using logic to pop whatever application you want.

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