Need to give password for the extensions without being noticed by third party

Hi guys, I’m new to pbx with limited technical knowledge , when I was searching for a way to give password for the outgoing calls I came accross with an option called pin set , where it worked pretty well for me but the only disadvantage is that when I call from the hard phone the password is clearly visible in the screen for the person who sits next to me :frowning: which is not good. so, is there any other way to give password for all outgoing calls without being noticed by others , it would be of great help if you guys help me with this .

this would be 100% on your phone… that said I don’t think any phone lets you turn it off

You could look into PINSETs, and Pinless dailing

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Thank’s for the reply, but if you use Pinless dailing it ony allows the extension to bypass the password. what I want is ,I should be able to give password for outgoing calls but the password should not be visible in the screen , if so it can be used by other’s if they see it.

This would be a phone issue and something you would have to take up with the phone manufacture.

Thank u guys , I understand that it is not possible to give any password in hard phones with hidden format (ie., star indication) as we do in computer . but had some hope that there would some way to avoid this security issue of showing password in the phone screen…

Thanks for spending your valuable time in clarifying my doubts.

Aastra phones have the ability to prevent the display of digits dialed after the call is completed. In fact, that feature is enabled by default, and can be turned off using the configuration files.

I believe that the relevant parameter is:

display dtmf digits: 1

(1 allows the display of digits, 0 (default) turns them off).

Although I’m not sure, I’d bet that Polycom phones have such a feature as well.

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