Need to find update instructions

So basically since Friday I have been trying to configure Freepbx. I got it working with Google Voice for dial out. But, apparently there is a issue with dialing in. So, I ordered a Obi100. EDIT - Just got inbound working everytime!

I then updated everything in the modules and then the GUI changed on me - haha
Freepbx -
Asterisk 2.10

In any case I have been reading old instructions I think and I am confusing myself. I have found a bunch of links, some dead, some old, nothing definite it seems.

Sometimes I edit stuff via the config files, then I found that you can edit through the GUI.

What I really need is updated instructions for 2.9.01 for basic configuration. I cant even get the MOH to work correctly. I have converted MP3’s tried uploading through the GUI but every time I try and upload I just get bounced back to the home screen with the upload not uploading.

So all of my issues are probably user error. But, I dont want to be using old instructions.

To give a little bit of background at my day job I do basic configurations on a BCM 450 and 50. I wanted to use FreePBX at the house so basically I can learn more and well use it at my house.

Can someone point me in the correct updated direction?


How did you do the updates?

Did you install from scratch or a distro?

There is no Asterisk 2.10 version so not sure what you are talking about.

I did the install from a distro. I went into the web interface and Admin / Module Admin then check online for updates and did everything until it was completely updated.

That screen shows Asterisk CLI2.10.0.0 - Guess that’s what I am talking about.

I just want to make sure I am not using out dated instructions because I am pretty sure I am. Right now I need to figure out why a call cannot leave there voice mail. I am sure its a permissions issue. But, not sure what folder to touch.

I have a ton of issues (personally too - haha) I just want to try and figure it out before I start bogging down the forum.


You say “a distro” which is a bit too vague. Is that the FreePBX, AsteriskNow or PBX in a Flash distro ? Or something else ?

If it was not the FreePBX distro, then I suggest you start over with that.

Sorry PBX in a flash Incredible PBX. Guess I am probably at the wrong forum then?

hahaha -

Guess I will install FreePBX. No wonder I couldn’t find the correct instructions! jeeze.

WOW - Everything is working! I have to admit this distro took me about an hour to get working with Google Voice (inbound and outbound), MOH upload, and being able to have a caller leave a message. Guess I will be sticking around here for awhile!

I will however be receiving a Obi100 device soon and I will be hooking that up as the gateway then removing the Google Voice module that I installed.

Outstanding and glad to hear it. Strictly speaking, there is nothing “wrong” with the other distros, however there are clear advantages to starting with something as clean as the FreePBX distro.

Best of luck and welcome to the community.

Exactly - For me FreePBX worked out better. For someone else something different might be a better fit. All in all I should of learned this stuff years ago, but…

I see you have a link for the training. Does Freepbx offer webinars at a reduced rate or free?

I’m using FreePBX 2.9 (PBX in a Flash). I’ve created a MOH category but when I try to upload music files (wav or mp3) the upload process starts but after a few seconds, it bounces me back to the system status screen. If I go back to MOH, the file I am trying to upload doesn’t appear in the MOH category. What am I doing wrong?

I was finally able to upload a wav - I think the wav I was originally trying to upload was the wrong format.