Need to eliminate toll free termination into the switch, and internally automatically transfer the call to a local Tier X DID

I may not be in the right place, but my company made me the new IT guy last week. I have been able to properly configure FreePBX, set up the trunks, queues, ext’s, etc. The system is working fine, but, I am trying to cut costs and every call incoming is through our toll free #. It terminates into the system, but I want to be able to transfer the call based on the IVR response, to a local, low tier DID, and terminate the connection with the toll free #. I just want to be able to transfer the call to a lower cost DID, and not leave the call hanging on the toll free #.

We are doing 12,000 minutes a month, and sometimes the system will hang and not disconnect the call which logs hours of connections, that is a separate issue in itself.

If anybody knows the answer to this, please let me know, it is very appreciated.

Here are my current version:


If you can help please respond.


I don/t think this is going to be possible. Are you saying that you are wanting to have your toll free provider transfer the call to a different provider.

You can’t do what you want to do, once the call is setup on the TF DID you can’t reroute it on a local number with any system.

Both numbers come from the same DID wholesaler, pretty much I was wondering if I could drop the toll free off the termination leg, and then send it to a local number.