Need to call using conference bridge Bridge

Hii guys … is there any way to make a outbound call using conference bridge , ie ., I should be able to make calls to my users, using the conference bridge in order to make a conference call …

Conferences Pro (paid) allows users to invite participants with UCP.

I have already purchasd the module but could not find the steps to invite the users in the conference console ! Can you guys help me out by mentioning the steps on how to do it …

It’s all in the Wiki:

But Im using Free Pbx distro my console looks different !
I dont have the " Users Present in Conference " screen

Then you have not granted permission for your user(s) to view the conferences. Make the necessary changes in User Management.

I already added the permission for the user , but Im getting only limited options ie ., i cant see few options like “Users Present in Conference” , I have attached the screen shot for your reference . Please check that …

I don’t know what that screen is from, but it is not UCP. What version of FreePBX are you using? What do you see when you browse to: