Need some ideas of what to use for my phone system directory and contacts

I have the phone system set up and working but I do not have any central location or database to store all of my phone systems extensions contacts in. any ideas.
I am running FREEPBX Phone System 300
and about 10 extensions and each station wouild like to store their own personal and prvate numbers and contacts.
I am running Windows 7,. my phone system 300 is part of my domain dc-1pri dc-2bu
let me know or please advise

Thank you all in advance
Rob C.
Ret Verizon Switchman 1978-1995

Contact information is often stored in the phone.

The “how to” for this is dependent on the phone and what that manufacturer wants to support. Some phones (like the Polycom) can be set up to save directories to the TFTP server. Others (like Cisco) require XML directories managed through an interface (usually a webpage on the server) to update the files that get downloaded to the file.

The specifics for your need will depend entirely on the phone manufacturer and model phone you are using.