Need some help to setup ivr and voicerecording

-hello everybody

  • i need some help to setup my IVR in freePBX…the problem is i know to to setup standard IVR the problem is, is that posibble if i want the ivr only active after the office hour maybe after 6pm till 7am after that i will diactivated back… i relly need this help a.s.a.p ??? how to do it?? to set the time???

  • and one more is how to set the voicemail in freePBX???to make the voicemail only active if the line is busy or after the been inform by the IVR out of the offc hour and it will be record the voicemail… n we can here back the voice mail later.

thnx u

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page 85-87

thnx for the support :wink: