Need some help after Distro installation

Hi all.
I do need some help after a recent FreePBX Distro installation. I am new to FreePBX.

I got the net installer image from the website archive, and fired off the installation. All seems well, it finishes after a while downloading all necessary packages.

When I type the IP in a browser, the first screen comes up with the four choices (ARI, FOP, Administration, QueueMetrics). After selecting administration, the username/password window shows up, but I can’t login with admin/admin. Isn’t that supposed to be the default? I tried various combinations, even admin/amp111 and admin/amp109 although that’s for different thing, but nothing works.
One google search mentioned something about maint, and I also tried admin/maint, maint/maint, etc, no luck.
What is going on?

The same happened when using the latest stable 1.813.210.58 32bit distro image (full image, not net install) in my first attempt, but I thought somehow it doesn’t like the machine. The GUI seems to show up fine until it asks you for the login credentials and admin/admin doesn’t work. But after the second attempt with different distro version, it doesn’t look like something I did.

I have no idea what to enter since I never configured them.

If it matters, the server is HP Proliant ML110 G4, with two cards. Digital TE122 and analog TDM400p. The wcte12xp modules complains about not being able to load the VPMADT032 during first boot, but I found on google it says to download and install the kmod-dahdi-linux-fwload-blahblah for the correct kernel and after doing that the message goes away. Also after doing that in /var/log/messages you can see both TE122 and TDM400p getting detected. I assume that means they would work although I could never try since the GUI is not letting me in to configure anything.

Any advice please? After doing two installs with different distros I am getting really stuck. This was supposed to be the whole-in-one solution as opposed to installing everything myself.

I can provide any info, just tell me exactly where to find it. I’m not a linux expert but I’m OK with the CLI, have SSH access, root password, etc.

OK, case closed. I can’t believe this. Somehow firefox was blocking the screen that needs to open the first time to configure username and password. When I opened it with chrome, it showed up. After you have them configured, you can open the GUI in firefox too.

You might consider checking out this documentation