Need Some advice: Hotel Style Voice Mail Setup

I have a environment that I have regular staff Voice mail set up and the need for Voice Mail boxes setup for a on site resident rooms attached to virtual extensions. total of 400 rooms.

What I would like to do is set up all the virtual extension that is the same as the room number.
Set the greeting myself via a wave upload and prevent the user from the ability to change it.
Currently the only way I have found the set the greeting is to create a UCP user and upload in the greeting section of voice mail setup. them remove the access to the UCP and somehow lock down the greeting from being changed by the user via *98. this would be time consuming for 400 boxes.

Any thoughts?

I would separate the guests into there own voicemail context, add those extensions to an included file, and make that file immutable , something like adding


to voicemail.conf, which looks something like

701 => 701,Room 701,,,attach=no|saycid=yes|envelope=no|delete=no
702 => 702,Room 702,,,attach=no|saycid=yes|envelope=no|delete=no

Then make this new file immutable (chattr -i )

Also make these file also immutablle after setting them up

chattr -i /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/guests/*/{greet,busy,unavail}.*

last thing to do would be on each guest checkout

rm -f /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/guests/701/*/msg*

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