Need sip configuration

i am fresh new to freepbx. Anyway i have installed piaf purple sucessfully on my other laptop due to a course project. Now i need to configure my nokia c6 phone as a sip. So i have already done an extention now i am kinda stuck. I have searched all the wide web and do you know there is no FULL material for how to set up a sip nokia (expecially nokiac6) with the full steps?
I need to know, what apps do i need to have my phone call via sip?
I have figured out i need an app for my phone, so i downloaded fring. Looks easy seting up the sip BUT there is a field wich requires proxy adress, and i dont know what to write there. I tried with my freepbx ip but nothing, it would not subscribe…
i tried http://ip adress still null! i really need to finish this task! i know my question is kinda dummy…but need help :slight_smile:

Installed it on a Nokia E61, works brilliantly. Regsitered as an remote extension to my PiAF box residing in the UK, registered thru both GPRS on a Pakistani GSM cellphone network, and also on home WiFI. Just needed to enter the server DynDNs domain name, the extension number and its p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d… registered instantly

I found this searching , but i dont know what is my server DynDNs domain name :frowning: ?

You say the server is hosted in the UK? Is this some sort of VPS that you are hiring? Is it behind a firewall? Normally a firewall will have options to register a dynamic address with a service like Alternatively you can buy the Admin Pro module ($25.00) and as part of this you get a DynDNS name for your FreePBX server as well as other very useful management tools.

No no, i am not in UK. I am in Albania. We had a couse project wich included installing Piaf in a laptop, and connecting two smartphone as SIP. Like i said i have already instaled piaf, and i have a freepbx page now. I already made an extetion as well now the only thing left is cofigure that extetion on my nokia c6. i need the proxy adress to do that and i dont know what my proxy adress is.