Need single URL for admin login please

Hello, I’ve trolled the forums and can’t seem to get the clear answer but a lot of discussion about what should work.

We use a product called Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) which allows us to pre-program RDP logins, Web page logins, SSH logins and a host of other automated logins to make our administration jobs easier. Single-click and we’re into a system.

We are trying to automate the administration login to the FreePBX servers.

We can auto-complete forms with RDM successfully with other web GUI pages but we can’t seem to get past the 4 icon login page on FreePBX. We’ve tried the following with no success. Can anyone please let us know the method to allow this to happen?

We’re stuck at the following but can’t get logged in all the way with a URL submission.

We’ve tried the following with no success:

Is it possible for a single URL for admin login?

Thanks to all… Jeff

Here’s the full list of modules and versions if needed:

Asterisk CLI Schmooze Com Inc Enabled
Backup & Restore Schmooze Com Inc Enabled
Blacklist Schmooze Com Inc Enabled
CallerID Lookup FreePBX Enabled
Custom Applications FreePBX Enabled
Digium Addons Digium Enabled
Feature Code Admin FreePBX Enabled
FreePBX ARI Framework FreePBX Enabled
FreePBX Framework Schmooze Com Inc Enabled
FreePBX Localization Updates FreePBX Enabled
Java SSH FreePBX Enabled
Online Support FreePBX Enabled
Phonebook FreePBX Enabled
Phonebook Directory FreePBX Enabled
Recordings FreePBX Enabled
System Admin Schmooze Com Inc. Enabled
User Management 2.11.0beta9 Enabled
User Panel FreePBX Enabled
iSymphony 1.4.10 Enabled

Announcements FreePBX Enabled
Call Flow Control FreePBX Enabled
Call Forward FreePBX Enabled
Call Recording Schmooze Com Inc Enabled
Call Waiting FreePBX Enabled
Conferences FreePBX Enabled
Core Schmooze Com Inc Enabled
Directory Enabled
Do-Not-Disturb (DND) FreePBX Enabled
Follow Me FreePBX Enabled
IVR FreePBX Enabled
Info Services FreePBX Enabled
Misc Applications FreePBX Enabled
Misc Destinations FreePBX Enabled
Paging and Intercom FreePBX Enabled
Parking Lot FreePBX Enabled
Queue Priorities FreePBX Enabled
Queues FreePBX Enabled
Ring Groups FreePBX Enabled
Set CallerID Enabled
Time Conditions FreePBX Enabled
Voicemail Notifications Enabled

DAHDi Config 2.11.18 Schmoozecom Enabled
Digium Phones Config Digium Enabled
Extension Routes Enabled
Google Voice/Chan Motif Andrew Nagy Not Installed (Locally available)
OSS PBX End Point Manager Andrew Nagy Not Installed (Locally available)
Outbound Call Limit Enabled

Asterisk Info Schmooze Com Inc Enabled
Asterisk Logfiles Schmooze Com Inc Enabled
CDR Reports Schmooze Com Inc Enabled
PHP Info FreePBX Enabled
System Dashboard Schmooze Com Inc Enabled
Voicemail Report Enabled

Asterisk Manager Users FreePBX Enabled
Asterisk SIP Settings Enabled
Fax Configuration Enabled
Music on Hold FreePBX Enabled
Route Congestion Messages Enabled
Speed Dial Functions FreePBX Enabled
Voicemail FreePBX Enabled

I know nothing about RDM. However, I can type the URL you mentioned into a browser, starting with no cookies for the site, and get automatically logged in.

If your username or password has non-alphanumeric characters, you may have a URL encoding issue.

Otherwise, use Fiddler2 (or Wireshark if Fiddler won’t work with RDM) to see what’s different about RDM’s request.

I can also confirm the URL login method. You may wish to urlencode your username and password

OP doesn’t state which (if any) distro is being used. For PBX in a Flash, the above URL doesn’t work for passing credentials, but this one will (not in IE):