Need Ring Group or Queue Missed Call Notification for calls answered elsewhere

I’m having an issue where calls answered elsewhere do not show up as a missed call on Sangoma phones that are a member of the same ring group or queue. So basically, if a person in a ring group or queue answers a call, my customer wants that answered call to show up as a missed call on the other extensions in the ring group or queue.

Server info:

Asterisk: 13.14.0 (I also tried this on Asterisk 11)
Phones: Sangoma S400, S500, S700 (firmware

In the queue settings, I have tried the ‘Mark calls answered elsewhere’ in both enabled an disabled mode. I have also made sure that the missed call notifications are enabled on the phone’s EPM templates.

But, no matter what I try, when a call comes into either a queue or ring group and is answered by a different extension, the missed call notification does not show up on the other phones in the ring group or queue. Anyone know of a way to make this happen? It seems like it is supposed to be default behavior, but it just isn’t working.


Hi Chris:

In Endpoint Manager, check the Options tab of the Sangoma template used to provision your phones and confirm that missed calls is enabled:

Hi - yes…I had mentioned this in my original post. Missed calls is set to ‘Enable’ for these extensions in the Endpoint Manager. I have actually tried it both ways, and the missed call notifications still do not appear.