Need paid support on FreePBX Distro

Where do I find remote support for FBD? Specially, I need a person to do the entire installation of our phone system on FBD. We have all the hardware in place, now we need the system to control the hardware.

What is FBD?

Click support on the top menu bar to access the commercial support team (I am a a member).


Does the paid support include setting up our phone system or does it assume you already have it set up and you need help with a specific issue?

No the FreePBX Paid support only expects that you have FreePBX installed. We can help you set it up and configure it as long as you have the Distro installed with remote access for SSH opened for us.

msmoore -

Drop back and answer a few questions first.

What is FBD?

What type of phones did you purchase?

Do you know what FreePBX is and what it does?

What is the exact scope of the project?

Where is the site located?

Good to know!
Thanks for the info!

In what city? Maybe there is someone here that can help!

That was my thought, once I understand the scope of work I could possibly give him a referral to someone local to him.

We are on the Big Island of Hawaii. We already have all the hardware installed, so the rest can be done remotely. What needs to be done is programming all the phones so that we have a working PBX.

We are getting closer to being able to help, please answer my questions:

What is FBD?

What type of phones did you purchase?

Do you know what FreePBX is and what it does?

What is the exact scope of the project?

Where is the site located? Hawaii

Scott, I think that’s just a typo and he means FPD :slight_smile:

So that’s an acronym for FreePBX Distro, great just what we need more acronyms.

I would feel better about helping this guy if he said, something like “we have 20 Cisco SPA504G phones on a local LAN with an XYZ server and we want to install the current FreePBX distro and configure basic inbound and outbound on our SIP trunk from XYZ telecom”.

I find that clients that don’t want to (or don’t know how to) participate in the process are very difficult to deal with and ultimately dissatisfied when you can’t get results in the absence of information.

Thank you all for your information about freepbx help.

  1. SkykingOH MsMoore equals female
  2. My question was answered by Tony, so I’m satisfied by the answer.
  3. FBD equals type equals FPD equals freepbx distro equals I’m super busy and need to type briefly
  4. If you want clients, skyking, please don’t insult them.
  5. I’ve gotten many personal responses and so I’m busy answering all the emails to this and therefore haven’t had time to post on here.
  6. We’re looking for someone to program the FreePBX Distro that has 12 CO’s. We need inbound, outbound, IVR, trunk groups, extensions, etc. We need it all.
  7. The details are too much to go into on here, since I just had the initial question answered about what the paid help meant from freepbx.

Mahalo for all your time.


Scott was just trying to be helpful and ask for information that any normal person would need to know. Good luck with your install and whoever you pick to assist you.

1 - I don’t understand how your gender is relevant
2 - Great
3 - Never seen that acronym used, we are all super busy, just trying to keep everyone pointed in the right direction
4 - I am not looking for clients and I can’t find anything in my posts to you that resembles an insult.
5 - Hope you find the right person, make sure to ask for references and check them.
6 - Sounds straight forward
7 - As you said, Tony who runs that professional services explained that.

Good luck.

E-mail me at [email protected] and I may have a simple solution for you