Need opinions for best external FXO Gateway for FreePBX

Hi All,

I have tried the Grandstream GXW4104 with not so good results, first unit needed to be sent back after an unsuccessful firmware upgrade and the second unit took the firmware upgrade and then couldn’t get the WEB menu. An issue was filed again with Grandstream.

But, I’m hoping someone out there can give some recommendations for the BEST external gateway. Grandstream does not have the option to revert to the prior firmware upon failure which I think is a bad design flaw. Has anyone had good luck with other brands?
At this time as we are growing we can’t try the T1 cards so the FXO gateway is our only option at this time. The internal cards have worked fine but the external devices are necessary for our application. Any comments will be appreciated! Thanks

In Oz I have use the Epygi Quadro FXO gateways, and have had no problems with them. Remote SIP trunks from multiple Asterisk boxes to the Quadro … works well.

I have used Linsys/Sipura 3102’s with success on single lines.