Need more than 12 entries in a buddy list

I’m using a Polycom 650 with a side car. In the end point manager I found where I could enable the Buddy List and then add the entries. The only issue is that I need more than the 12. Is there a setting somewhere in End Point Manager to manage the number of Buddy List entries?

I edited the contacts/{mac}-directory.xml file to add the other 18 entries I needed. But if I rebuild the template it gets wiped out.

The new End Point manager is definitely a step up from what I had in Trixbox!

Forgot to mention, using FreePBX 2.10, Endpoint Manager

I think I found the answer to my question, but I’m looking for a way to extend it so I don’t have to change this after every update.

The buddy list count is controlled in buddylist.json

"description":"Buddy List Options",

Changing the 12 to 32 seems to work. I’d just like to know how to extend the code so it’s not lost after a module update.

There is no way to ‘extend’ the code. Sorry. You will lose it on an update.

How about making it configurable? So we can increase the number if we need to.

Or is there a way I can make sure the phone’s directory file doesn’t get overwritten when rebuild configs are done?

I would second the request for this to be configurable somehow (I have the same setup, and after an upgrade was dismayed to see all that work was wiped).