Need IVR Press 0 for operator to transfer to outside number

Generally you want your IVR message to say something like press “0” for operator which would take you to the internal extension of your receptionist

In our case - another company has taken over and they would like to keep the press “0” for operator message, but have the system automatically dial the receptionist for the new company - lets say (301) 555-5000

I don’t have the option of upgrading TrixBox Home Version or FreePBX 2.23 if that is required.

Can you tell me where to look for the IVR file in linux and

Can you give me any idea what needs to be done to make this work

Total newbie - TIA

Tom Gilbert

Send the dial zero ivr option to a ring group and put the external number terminated with a # as the only number to be called by the group.

or custom destination