Need interactive script for remote login for multiple queues

We have several queues and several employees that work remotely sometimes and for one reason or another are forwarding/following out to their cell phones rather than using a softphone I want to create some kind of interactive menu that will prompt them for their extension number and then log them in or out of all the queues for which they are dynamic agents.

If they log into the queues via isymphony and their phone in the office becomes unreachable follow me and forwarding don’t get respected for calls that go through the queue, but logging in with *45 does. I thought about just making a miscellaneous destination and pointing at them with IVR entries but the employee extensions change often enough I’d rather not have to update the IVR and miscellaneous destinations constantly.

Any tips? Feel free to just link to some article where this is already done. Thanks.


You want a webpage or a IVR? Note the question mark. I can think of ways to do it either way.

I’d start with a message to @tm1000 and see what they could do for you.

Ideally an IVR. That way when the power goes out at the office or the internet goes down and people work from home they can just call the main number, hit whatever for the unannounced remote login IVR, and have it prompt them for their extension number. It should log them into all applicable queues (the ones they are dynamic agents in).

I wrote an “IVR” for logging into TimeTrex. Expanding that would be trivial to do the extension number and forwarding stuff.

Dial the number, get the prompt, enter the user ID and passcode (or extension and passcode) and enter the forwarding number. Sounds pretty simple, unless (as always) I’m missing something important.

I’d love to look at it if you’re willing to share.

I already shared.

Thanks, will look at that this weekend.