Need help with unblocking 2 phones Grandstream GRP2616 running on freepbx 15.x

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since I am complete noob in telephony and have no clue how telephone works, I definitely need help from this community.

I have freepbx version 15.x and phones Grandstream GRP2616HD.
Now all phones are working (as far as I can see OK), but only two of them when I pick up the phone telephone handle it automatically gives me the popup message on display: The account is not registered.

Now one guy has told me that it might be due to Line keys which were somehow overwritten

mistakenly overwritten the first ‘Line Button’ which is used to select the active phone line. Therefore it is indicated that no account has been registered.

but when I go to UCP and I check both extensions of both phones which are not working, The first line looks like this:

So both line keys and soft keys are empty… The config from the UCP was saved, reconfigured and pushed to phones. They picked up the new config but still it remains non functional and every time I pick the telephone’s handle it gives same pop-up that account is not registered…

How to fix this so that both phones become functional?
Where to start?


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Hi again,

I found solution. In the FreePBX UCP, when you login to certain extension/phone, you have an option in the device management “reset to template”. Although normal procedure of update reconfigure will reboot the phone, it won’t actually reset that, but I had to go to settings directly to the phone and request “factory reset”. This time indeed it wipes all the config from the phone, and pulls a new one which basically restored functionality of the phone.

Now both phones are working again :wink:

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