Need Help with some extensions sharing a common mailbox

I have an old free pbx server I inherited at work. I am testing the latest greatest but need to solve this now on old one that has gui

I have a few extensions that share a common mailbox, when I tried the tricks found here, like the symbolic link for the extensions mailbox to the desired maibox, the MWI did not work so instead under the “extensions” web page I use the desired mailbox and the MWI works but for the yealink phones I have to edit the mac-address.cfg file with *98###### where ##### is the desired mailbox.

In the yealink T20P template I am trying to use a variable for the mailbox that is set when I built the extension, to no avail.

for example in my extension 4001 i see the desired mailbox set in
sip_additional.conf. EX) [email protected] This does fix the MWI as expected!

But I cannot find what the name of the variable in sip_additional.conf to use to get the [email protected] I assume I might have to trim to get just the 4047818075 for the template as I would like to have it where OSS can build the config.

Not sure what you are talking about, you can’t edit sip_addittional.conf

The mailbox is set in the extension settings, you don’t need to do anything on the phone.

Hello, I am sorry I didn’t make this clear. I have set the mailbox on the extension to a shared mailbox and that makes the MWI work but when the *97 is dialed when pressing the messages button on the phone, the phone does not use the shared mailbox instead it opens its mailbox (extension number) 4001. 4001 is the extension of the phone and I have set the mailbox for it in the extensions configuration via the gui to [email protected] I was just showing that the shared mailbox is showing up in the configuration file and I am not manually editing it. My work around has been to go into the mac-address.cfg file in /tftpboot and change the message button programming from *97 to *984047818075 and it works;However, if someone ever rebuilds the config it will revert back to the *97. I was trying to make the template reference *98{$mailbox} or something that will program the button correctly. No known asterisk variable for the mailbox has resulted in that working. Do you know a solution to be able to reference the mailbox variable for the mailbox that I am setting in the extensions part of the gui? I guess I could parse that out of the file and use it in a new app but I assume I am just ignorant on the correct variable. Or use the symbolic links. However I desire to keep the gui synch’d to the config so I don’t have to remember what was customized etc…


SkyKing, I solved my problem with the *97. *97 in my freepbx server was always going to the extension# as the mailbox and ignoring the mailbox setting except for that making the mwi work. So I simply created a *96 custom extension. Then I added the programming for that in extensions_custom.conf. It simply cuts the extension out of the channel variable and then parses the mailbox setting out of sip_additional.conf. Finally it takes the parsed mailbox info and sends it to the *98 built-in mailbox feature. Sorry I did not make my question clear.