Need help with Sangoma connect mobile App

Setting this up for the first time.

Asterisk 16

I have checked all the modules and they are higher than the required versions.

  • Sangoma Connect
  • Sangomartapi
  • Sysadmin
  • Restapps
  • Firewall
  • Framework

Sangoma connect page shows as “running”.

SangomaConnect: Running

CloudConnect Agent Status: Running

When I send the invite and click on the login link, nothing happens. It just takes me to the sangoma connect app in the mobile which shows just a single line “you will receive an email with the deeplink. please open the email on your mobile device and click on the link”.

Well, I have already clicked on the link. Why is it not registering?

Any ideas?


Meanwhile, sangoma connect desktop version is working for the same server/extension. Any ideas what I am missing with the mobile?

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