Need help with restoring the device list in a fresh FreePBX install


I just install a fresh FreePBX 15 and I have been able to restore my old config from FreePBX (2.10 – yes very old).

At this point, I can see that none of my devices/phones have been imported and I don’t even have a Device menu right now:


To my knowledge, I did a full backup of my old system and (naively) hoped that this would include the devices. So, how can I restore the devices on a fresh FreePBX 15 ? Am i missing a module ?

Thank you !


Did youi install all the modules you had in your old machine, in the new machine also?

You are migrating from a system that has Device and User mode enabled. You can enable it again under Advanced Settings, but since it’s unsupported, you may want to set up the system this time without it.


On the new system, I can see this in the Admin panel:

In the old, I have that module :

That I dont find in the new one. How do I get an equivalent module to manage devices ?

Is this what you refer to in the old system:

THis setting is extensions on the old system and it is the same on the new one right now.

Enable the ‘unsupported’ repo

It is already enabled:

and I see this:

After 'Check online, under ‘settings’

Thank you for the reply.

I have clicked Check Online and under Settings, I see that:

What is the name of the module we are looking for ?

How do people list devices normally ? With 2.10, it was via the OSS PBS End Point Manager module.

It is in the unsupported repo.

Thank you for the reply.

I am a bit confused. I clicked on Check Online, I have enabled all the repo ( see my previous scene shot) .

Which module are we looking for exactly ? Is it OSS PBX End Point Manager ?

I cannot see it with Check Online with all the repo enabled. How can I see it if it is what we need ?

I can see that I am not the only struggling with installing this module.

For example : EPM Not an option to install

It seems that this moduel does not always show up in the interface. It certainly does not show up in mine.

I found a ZIP from this page:

but the webgui interface hangs when I try to upload it to my freepbx install.

I also tried the command line

fwconsole ma downloadinstall endpointman

withtout success.

Any other suggestion to install the end point manager module ?

use the tar.gz file when you ‘upload modules’ it

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