Need help with polycom - checking application

i’ve bought used polycom phones on ebay. i did a manfucaturer reset vai entering the mac address.password was set back to 456. then i set the bootserver to tftp and pointed it to the freepbx server, i’ve installed all firmware on the server, but the phone keeps loping checking for application.
pls advise


I’m having a similar issue with some of mine…

Can you post the log output from /var/log/messages that captures the phones requests?

I’ve had more success using ftp for provisioning polycom phones.

I think you will find that a defaulted Polycom will generally only try ftp for provisioning, you would need to change that . . .

It looks as if the firmware the phone is requesting may not be in the tftpboot directory. Use Wireshark to see what is happening. You may need to install it, yum install Wireshark at the command line. Then run command tshark host server ip and port 69. You should then be able to see what files the phone is requesting and check if they are present in /tftpboot. I have experienced this with older second user phones and it took a while to sort out what files the phone wants.

hi all
thank you all for your input.
sinc ei got stuck with the OSS enpoint manager i’ve decided to go with the commercial endpoint manager. paid $75 and it has similar features, found the phone, assigend it, created templated, then it installed bootrom after rebooting. but - no application present.
how do i get the application onto the phone? my assumption was this woould be done by the pbx/endpointmanager…
pls advise

thank you

You received much advice above, and ignored it. You need to confirm that the TFTP requests are getting to your server. That’s step 1.