Need help with Landline analog hunt group

Hello i was wondering something. In my work we use a RCA system that has a rca box with 8 analog lines Port but only 4 are being used. The analog lines are from Verizon. I’m not sure how to the hunt group works or not. But from what i can tell is that. If the first line is busy it rings to the next and so forth. So I’m trying to repeat that process if one line coming in from the analog trunk it will ring to the next one and so forth. Right now i have it setup one of the lines it rings to one group coming in and then they transfer it to a second group and so forth. I have it setup where there is 3 groups. But not sure how to set it up for the hunt part of the incoming.

I’m using the Sangoma A200 card with 1 module 2 lines. first line is only plugged in port 1.

I try to look at different pages on the forums about analog trunks but not much on hunting trunks. It is why I’m here and I really need help.

Just so you know we read your post, here’s some information:

  1. You need to set up DAHDI and a 4-port FXO interface. Failing that, you can use a f-port FXO interface box and connect it via USB or Ethernet to your FreePBX box.
  2. Hunt groups are handled at the Telco. At your end - you have four distinct phone lines that ring when they want to. There is nothing special about grouped lines from the Telco - they are just lines that ring.
  3. When you set up your DAHDI connections, you will group the four lines (or not) to accomplish all sorts of magical fun.
  4. You should really think hard about how you want to handle your incoming calls. Four business lines from Verizon is a LOT more expensive than a VOIP connection from a reputable VOIP provider. I’d start with VOIP Innovations or Alcazar Networks, or even the VOIP service that the FreePBX folks sell.

Hello cynjut thank you for the information. I didn’t get these lines The owner of the business did I’m just another worker here Trying to figure things out. Right now There are 4 analog lines I’m guessing if one is busy it transfer to the next and so forth. Right now I need to figure out how to set that up in DAHDI. I guess i add the lines like i did the first one i did for a test. But in inbound route how do i set it up to fail over to the next line when first is busy?

You’re overthinking this. For inbound, rollover is handled by your phone provider, there is no FreePBX config to deal with this.

In dahdi , for incoming the pseudo did should all be the pilot number of the group and inbound routed .by that nimber.

For outbound, calls they should all be in the same group and to reduce “glare” , plug them in in reverse order huntgroup wise or create and use group g0