Need help with IVR time

I have setup an IVR but, if I wait for the message to finish it drops the call, if I dial the options before the message is finish It will work properly.

How can i fix this problem?


Dear Mr. p_lindheimer.

That was beautifull.

Thank you for taking the time. I appreciate it.

I think there was a bug in ivr at some point, update to the latest and then make sure to regenerate your dialplan - I put a fix in a couple of weeks ago that should address that issue.

Thanks for the help, I have upgraded to IVR restarted via amportal, rebooted and setup the new IVR but still if you wait for that message to finish it drops the call.

Anything I may be doing wrong? It seems to me the ivr does not wait for a selection from the caller.


I just noticed you are running 1.4.4 which is not supported. You need a waitexen after the background command. There is a bug up on trac that discusses that issue. I will post an update to the module as soon as I get the next maintenance release out. To do the fix the correct way, the module needs an update to one of the core libraries but the patch on the bug report shows you a way to do it without.

Go search trac, if you filter on Asterisk 1.4 you will find it right away.