Need Help with Incoming Calls

I was able to get SIP Trunk registered with my VoIP Provider, and I am able to
get my Softphone to register, 2 x Softphones can call each other.
When I try to make inbound from PSTN I get error “The Number You have dialed is not in service…”

I know this is coming from my IP PBX, please help on how to associate Softphone with SIP Trunk

you need to setup a inbound route for ANY did/ANY CID (also known as a any/any) and point that at something, a extension for example.

Thanks for the response fskrotzki,

I setup a few different inbound routes, but still get the same error.
Any further help would be appreciated.

IN the Trunk settings under Inbound, what credentials go in there?

I have the Trunk registering with my VoIP provider:

9973:Changeme1:[email protected]

I am running IBeam that is registering to the IP PBX with:

Display Name : 9973
User Name : xxx-xxx-9973
Password : 9973
authorization user name: xxx-xxx-9973
Domain: IP PBX IP address

That registration string looks a little weird to me. Are you sure it shouldn’t be:

username:[email protected]