Need help with a distinctive ring issue..,

I currently have a distinctive ring active on the only queue in a particular office. It’s doing Bellcore-dr3, and works perfectly. The problem is, they are transferring these calls to other queue members who perform a specific function in the office. When the calls are transferred, they continue using the DR I have set for their queue.

They would very much like to have that transfer ring as though it were a call to their DID (standard single ring).

Am I missing something?? Can someone point me in the right direction? You can absolutely call me names if I’ve missed it in the forums, but I SWEAR I’ve looked!

It looks to me like the ring-type assigned to the queue is “sticky”- it follows the call even when the agent that answers the call transfers it to another agent. I guess my question then is, can I change that behavior, so extension -> extension calling is a different ring, despite the call originating in queue?

It has been ages since I tested, but it looks like this behavior is by design. The Alert Info can only be set once in a call path, and all subsequent changes are ignored by FreePBX. Looking in extensions_additional.conf, wherever Alert Info is set, you see pairs of lines like this:

exten => 101,n,GotoIf($["x${ALERT_INFO}"!="x"]?$[${PRIORITY}+2])})
exten => 101,n,Set(__ALERT_INFO=<Bellcore-dr2>)

before setting the ALERT_INFO channel variable, FreePBX checks to see if the variable is already set, and will skip setting the second time.

As far as I know, there is no setting to override this, but well worth a feature request. I could use the ability to reset Alert Info more than once in a call path.

Thanks for responding!

I’ll see to it a feature request is started for this.

In the mean time, I need to somehow put the target extensions in a ring group or queue, but still have the ability to have a BLF/Xfer button work accurately on a 6747i Aastra. I don’t know that it’s possible… any thoughts?

(By adding them to a ring group/queue on their own, it should change the ring type to whatever I specify in the ALERT_INFO for that group, at least that’s my thought…)

Such as it is, I created my first feature request regarding this issue.

Thank you again for your thoughts on this matter, lgaetz.