Need Help Using A GSM Gateway with my FreePBX

Hello Everyone,

I need help. Currently I have a GSM Gateway setup together with my FreePBX box.

To dial to a cellphone number I dial the extension 102 to get a dial tone and I dial the Cellphone number.

Is there a way to do this where I only dial the cellphone number and it goes through 102 and sends the cellphone number i dialled there programmatically?

I am a noob at using asterisk but hoping that i could learn more with your help.

Thanks you.

Who’s GSM Gateway are you using?

Hi Lee,

We are using our own GSM gateway.Its a Suncomm 1695i. I was able to use it before using Asterisk without the FReePBX Gui using the following Code.

exten =>_0932XXXXXXX,1,DIAL(SIP/${EXTEN}@109,60,r)
exten =>_0932XXXXXXX,n,Hangup

How do I do this in FreePBX?
Please pardon me for my ignorance since I am a noob to Asterisk but am willing to learn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If the GSM Gateway is capable of sending a registration to the FreePBX system then all you should really need is trunk “Outbound” settings similar to this:


Where xxxxxx is the password used in the registration string.

This works for the Dinstar GSM gateways and yours may be similar.

Hi Lee,

I was able to fix the problem by creating a Custom trunk in FreePBX with the following Custom Dial String.


This the one I used and set my GSM gateway to 1-stage dialling mode.

And it all works now.


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